Every Monday should be a holiday

Today (and it’s only 8:11 AM) already feels relaxed. Every Monday should feel this way. I’m off to the dentist at 9:00 for an implant (yuck!!) and then to the gym at 12:45, and to the vet at 7:20 PM. That’s my schedule. Oh, and I need to pack for my trip to Las Vegas. Since the Dr. and U are both going on the trip, I’m responsible for carrying all her stuff: diapers, formula, food, etc etc.

Last night was good. I made a beans kuttan (beans with gravy and spices), and sauteed eggplant. The Dr. liked them. I also pureed the pears we had sitting in the fruit bowl, added a banana to them, and voila!! we have baby food for three meals. I tried it and no wonder she likes these things, they are so sweet!!!!

Talked to my cousin who lives in California….she might be technically a “cousin” but in my mind, she’s my sister. We grew up together, went to school together, played together, and whenever I stayed over at her house, we would sleep on the same bed. Invariably, since I was a little fatty,  I would take up majority of the space:-) . So she’s planning to come visit us (I mean U) sometime in January. I can’t wait. After the endless bout of complaining that I did about our last trip to the motherland, I felt much better. Seriously, people kept telling me what to do, where to go…it was all too much.


ok..if I ever spoke too soon, this would be it. Today was the worst day ever. I had a dental appointment, for my implant. While in the midst of the procedure, he tsk tsk ed over my wisdom tooth and pretty much steamrolled me into getting it removed. So after that, I”m on high dosage pain meds, and we go to the pediatrician to take a look at U’s cough. It was just a cold. We also found she’s at 18.5lbs, and 27 inches tall, which is great. Her head circumference is in the 90th%ile, which according to the Dr, is not surprising considering the size of my noggin.

So anyways, all that’s done and I”m trying to pack while trying to play/soothe U who’s all sleepy but doesn’t want to sleep. At 7:00, Dr. takes A the english cocker and my first child to the vet for his second flu shot. When he gets there, he finds that the wound on his face, which I thought was a cut and had been treating with neosporin and hydrogen peroxide, was a ‘sebaceous cyst’ which needed to be removed. So it was, and he now has this ridiculous elizabethan collar. By the time everything was done and we went to sleep, it was well past 1:00 AM…..I was exhausted, my face was swollen and I was not in a good mood.


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